Thursday, November 14, 2019

Financial Planning Week Gives Canadians the Opportunity to Take a Closer Look at Their Finances

The 11th Annual Financial Planning Week Takes Place Across Canada from November 17-23, 2019

Canada, November 14, 2019. For Canadians, managing finances let alone talking about money has its challenges. Conflicting priorities make it difficult to figure out the best way to set and reach goals. With an endless amount of information available, it’s hard to determine how it all applies to one person’s particular situation.

Taking a proactive approach to money management can help build confidence and reduce the stress and anxiety most Canadians feel about managing their money.

FP Canada's National Financial Planning Confidence survey revealed that Canadians aren’t getting the financial help they need due to low confidence. The survey shows that 41% of Canadians don’t feel confident talking about their finances and 34% don’t know what questions to ask.

Ayana Forward is a fee-only Certified Financial Planner at Retirement in View in Ottawa. She is seeing more and more clients looking specifically for advice and don't want to be sold products.  "A trend I'm noticing more and more is clients looking specifically for "fee-only" or "fee-for-service" financial planning engagements. They want a plan first from an unbiased and independent professional who has no incentive to sell them products”.

Except for Quebec, the financial planning industry in Canada is largely unregulated. By working with a Certified Financial Planner you can ensure your advisor has met a standard of experience, education, ethics, and competence.

Mrs. Forward has developed a quiz designed to help people determine what type of financial planner is best suited for their particular needs

Here are some tips for taking a proactive approach to your finances:
·      Review your spending habits regularly
·      Optimize your investment accounts for tax efficiency
·      Plan for irregular expenses that might not show up in your day-to-day budget
·      Seek professional guidance in areas where you feel you need the most help
·      Establish short and long term goals and write them down on paper

Where financial planners can help:

·      Overall review your financial picture
·      Help you determine what to prioritize based on your goals
·      Provide professional insight, guidance, and support
·      Help improve your tax efficiency
·      Make sure your investment portfolio matches your risk tolerance and objectives

Media Contact:
Ayana Forward, CFP

Retirement in View
240 Catherine St. Suite 201
Ottawa ON
K2P 2G8

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