Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A Few of My Favourite Things: 2019 Edition

I’m no Oprah Winfrey but I just wanted to share a couple of ways I save money throughout the year on everything from my cell phone bill and groceries to my pesky online shopping habit. (Please note some of the links below include referral codes which may result in a monetary bonus for me and you).

Enjoy the list!

We recently switched from Telus to Public Mobility and feels like we cut our cell phone bill in half. You do need to own your phone outright and to buy a Public Mobile SIM card. Public Mobile offers rock bottom prices on their plans because they have no physical stores or call centre. You are not on your own for support as there is a community that offers help for most frequently asked questions. I went through Amazon to get the SIM card as most were sold out in the stores (I feel like that is a good sign). They use Telus' network so I've had no interruptions and have not noticed slower internet on the network.

I do A LOT of online shopping and I make sure to always hop over to Rakuten first to get a percentage rebate back from whatever I buy. The rebates don’t add up too much unless you know some of the ins and outs and use some of these tips:
  •  Use Rakuten for all your travel bookings (almost all of the hotels and main booking engines are available 
  • Shop on the bonus days and look for double cashback at your favourite stores
  • Look for bonus days in the Gift Card Shop 

There is a learning curve as you have to remember to visit Rakuten and log in before you shop. Or you can download their browser plugin to help remind you before you checkout online.

Online grocery pick up was completely new to me this year. My friend suggested it and I thought she was crazy. I also live within two blocks of a Loblaws, so really didn’t think there would be any benefit. Boy was I wrong. One of the biggest benefits I have noticed is that it saves SOOOO much TIME. Your regular purchases are stored in your account online so it’s quick to add stuff to your cart (pardon the pun). The second biggest benefit is that it saves so much MONEY. I am spending less because I avoid any impulse purchases. And almost every other week they are giving away $10 coupons on purchases over $100.00. 

Earn a whopping 3.3% Interest on your savings via Laurentian Bank’s new online High Interest Savings account offering. Separate from Laurentian’s physical banks they have launched with what looks like an impressive non-promotional rate. The perfect spot great place to stash your Christmas bonus or for any money that may be needed on a short term basis.

If you want to keep an eye on your credit score Credit Karma is a great free service designed to help you make sure all of your information is accurate with the credit bureaus.

I’d love to hear what everyday things you do to save money throughout the year. Please share some of your favourite things in the comments below this Holiday Season.


  1. I purchased a snow blower with my neighbor. We each only use it maybe 5 hours per season, so it was an easy way to save $700. And only 1 of us needs to keep it in a garage saving space for the other person.
    I've also purchased some tools together with others, with the understanding that whoever needs it gets it.

  2. I used a car buying service to purchase a new car. Saved thousands of dollars. I realize that buying a used car instead of new is a good way to save money, but the new car had better safety features than the older models. Sometimes it's worth it to pay more, but not more than necessary.


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